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The offical Brett Varney homepage, award winning artist. This site is artist maintained.
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I will continue to gladly accept orders from this Canadian Dollar website until I complete the merger in full.

For my newest pieces that you see on the site, please email me for a direct $CAD shopping cart link. Thank you for your understanding.

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2022 - 2023 UPDATE:

Horribly unprofessional, but this site is being phased out, and slowly transitioning to

"All the links here still work, and I am still accepting orders from this site. All pieces with BUY links , ARE STILL AVAILABLE. The newest pieces seen on my US site, are available in Canada TOO - just send me an email, and I'll create a special $CAD link/button for you to pay"...brett

Except for this page, content on this site has not been updated since 2013. Please check out my up-to-date site at

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